Here ares a few of the reviews and film related articles I have completed, Some of them you may agree with, others you may not, but please enjoy and leave any comments at the bottom of the page.


 5 of the least appreciated unnerving characters in film

man of steel

 Another Man of Steel review

 A list of my all time favorite movies, also my first truly positive article, proof I’m not a sad, angry person.

With some of the  blockbuster let downs over the past few years, should we be worried about Peter Jackson’s latest adaption of Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

Here it finally is, The epic conclusion to the Nolan trilogy. Does it soar higher than its Predecessor’s or buckle under the weight of its own hype.

 The end of the world is coming close, and what better way to celebrate such an occasion than by going through some of Films favorite methods of thinning down the human race.

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