An Unexpected Journey

The year is 2001, I am 10 years old at the time, and being 10 years old in 2001 I am naturally on my way to see Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone. I settle into my seat awaiting the magical adventure I am about to be taken upon. A few adverts run by, and then it hits me. Coming December 2001 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, a flurry of action packed fantasy images engulf me, it’s like when they plug kung fu into Neo’s head in the Matrix, I felt liberated, like this is what I had been waiting for. I had never really heard of Lord of the rings, I thought it was about some lads stranded on an island (Rings and Flies are easily mixed up).  It also took me nearly 10 years to forgive Harry Potter for not being as good as that LOTR trailer.

So eleven years later, my love affair with Lord of the Rings came and went, I still can’t get passed reading the second book, but I count myself as a massive fan of both the film series and the mythology. So when I heard that The Hobbit was being made into a film, I was extatic.2012 had become the greatest year for film, and half of that was because of The Hobbit coming out in December.  I was excited that Guillermo Del Toro would helm the series, but I pretty much nerdgasmed once I found out good old Pete was back to direct both films.

A new Fellowship

All the returning cast plus Martin Freeman, I was in heaven. Then in amongst my geeky bliss came the teaser trailer. When I first watched it, i couldn’t believe it, i saw Dwarves and Gandalf and even a glimpse of some trolls. So why this terrible silky emptiness. Why does the dwarf song make me cringe a little? Why does the dialogue make me wince? Why do I now seem bored of Gollum? Have I grown out of fantasy to much that I can no longer fully immerse myself in the world as I did with Jackson’s trilogy.


My precious 

I come from that group of fans that put the action of Gimli, Aragorn and Legolas ahead of Frodo, Sam and Gollum’s slow trail to Mordor. I am aware that The Hobbit packs a lot of action, but judging from the trailer, a lot of emphasis seems placed on Gollum turning up and generally pissing Bilbo off. Also the horrifying prospect that when I watch these films (which is now to be a trilogy) I will be 21, 10 years older than the young’n that became literally obsessed with all things Tolkien. My post Dark Knight Trilogy self may not allow such an interest in sword and sorcery fantasy to return.

When people told me many years ago that they didn’t enjoy films such as The Dark Knight and The Return of the King because of overhype, I laughed in there disappointed little faces. How can you allow an external force such as hype ruin a film that is an entity onto itself? Well, after Prometheus and to some degree The Dark Knight Rises I fear for Peter Jackson’s latest foray into Middle Earth. There are a solid four months until The Hobbit hits cinemas, will it be crushed under its own expectation, or will it become the best film of the year, and therefore, the decade

Riddles in the dark 

So the question is “how excited am I to see the Hobbit”, the answer is, I am terrified, this is my childhood on the line, all that was good and pure about film for me could be tarnished this Christmas (Yes fucking Christmas if all times) the real question should be “How soul crushingly disappointed will I be if The Hobbit doesn’t pull through for me”.. Riddle me that Smeagol!


Lee Smith


5 thoughts on “Just how excited for The Hobbit am I?

  1. Lee, don’t allow being 21 turn excitement into doubt of something u haven’t experienced yet- cud u possibly be becoming cynical in yr old age?!! Blot out yr age and go in with an open mind- u’ve loved the other so why should you not enjoy the next? watch it through yr 10 yr old eyes 🙂

    • Very Good advice Pen, but I think my degree and past films have turned me into a cynic, I will no doubt love it, but i’m just trying to not get to excited, excitement, in my opinion generally leads to disappointment, thanks for reading though 😀

    • Quite right, I watched Pocahontas the other week, I genuinely tried to go along with it, but that little voice in my head was saying “the Indians and the settlers slaughtered each other”…. Ok definitely time to watch Up, that will cure me.

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