Now this is the first blog post in nearly two years. Its rather sad really, to be able to blog as much as I wanted. Now I just cant seem to find the time between work, writing and social life. But I feel this post is very important to me.

June 13th 2014 I begun the first draft of my first ever full length screenplay. March 3rd 2016 I have finished that first draft. Nearly two years seems like a lot of time to write a feature length screenplay in a little black notebook. But with one of those years spent traveling Australia and the year before spent saving for it, I suppose the length of time it has taken makes sense.

So after nearly two years, 176 A5 pages, which is roughly 88 a4 pages of script, 167 music, film and pop culture references (accurate amount), one over arcing plot, several sub plots and one complete draft. Its time to start all over again. Now to get it out of that little black notebook and onto the computer screen. Draft two begins immediately.


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