The other night I lay awake, as most nights I began to make a list in my head. Usually its my top five zombie films or name as many star wars characters whose name begins with B (Boba Fett, Boss Nass etc). For some strange and misguided reason I began to pan out a short list for the most unnerving characters that have genuinely creeped me out over the years. Now we all know this kind of list, it usually consists of Hannibal Lecter, The child catcher and a few more well known movie villains. I didn’t want to make that list, I wanted to compile the less thought of guys. Those strange characters that always rubbed you up the wrong way, sometimes you don’t even know why they do it. Without any further ado, here they are, the creeps that have made me nervous from the sidelines.

Thomas Ripley: The Talented Mr Ripley


Peeping Tom

This is without a doubt the first person I came to while making this list. Maybe it’s the way he systematically murders all those that get in his way, without ever making himself feel like the bad guy. Perhaps its those strange lingering smiles and stares that just give you the chills. Perfectly played by Matt Damon, Ripley is essentially a monster buried behind the face of the all too talented guise of someone that would appear innocent.

Creepiest scene – While Tom has many unnerving scenes throughout the film, I believe his most chilling moment comes in the final minutes. He shares a cabin with his friend and lover, Peter Smith Kingsley, and while Kingsley lists of the good aspects of Toms personality. Then comes up those most horrifying of lines, “Tom is crushing me”, Tom proceeds to strangle and murder his lover and we are left with Tom sitting alone. The frightening thing about the murder is the likelihood Tom will get away with it, like the rest of his victims.

Bogs: The Shawshank Redemption


“I could be a friend to you”

I think this guy is the most blatant villain on my list. He is completely evil with no redeeming features. I went through a process while choosing Bogs. In life the worst thing that can happen to you, other than death is to be imprisoned, and the worst thing that can happen to anyone in prison is to be raped and worse still to be continually gang raped by individuals that have “taken a liking to you”. Bogs being the leader of this group of individuals, essentially makes him a kind of make shift Devil incarnate. If all this isn’t horrendous already, the amount he seems to enjoy every aspect of terrorizing his victims makes him even more unnerving.

Creepiest scene – Andy Dufresne walks into the showers only to be propositioned by the worst guy he could possibly meet in prison. “Did anyone get to you yet”, a phrase you just don’t want to hear in the prison showers by Shawshanks number one rapist.

Dr Pilcher: Silence of the Lambs


That stare alone merits his place on this list

This one’s a little more personal. He isn’t a heinous villain; he’s just a particularly strange guy that hits on Clarice Starling. In a movie full creepy men, this guy always seemed to make me cringe when he was on screen. Maybe it was the wonky eye or the “ever go out for cheeseburgers and beer” line that really put me off Pilcher.

Creepiest Line – Clarice: “Are you hitting on me doctor. Pilcher:…”Yes”. way to forward, way too weird, not the way to hit on anyone, let alone Jodie Foster.

The Gimp: Pulp Fiction


“Bring out the Gimp”

We have all seen Pulp Fiction, if you haven’t then you probably should leave this blog right now. Yes The Gimp doesn’t really do much and yes he gets knocked out in one blow. But it’s what The Gimp represented that made me so nervous. He was kept in a cupboard by two hillbilly rapists and once they were done with Marcell Wallace, no doubt it would be The Gimps turn.

Creepiest scene – That awful, creepy, terrifying way he points at Butch while the atrocities that are taking place next door can be heard. That strange little giggle he does while pointing can only mean one thing for The Gimp, “It’s our turn soon”.

Bunny: Platoon


Let’s do this whole fucking village!

Bunny is more unnerving than out and out creepy, every time he is on screen you get the feeling he’s going to do something A) Violent B)Stupid or C) A mixture of the two. While the gung-ho marine eventually got his comeuppance on the end of a bayonet, he left a trail of destruction all the way up to his final moments.

Creepiest scene – Bunny at his most brutal was less creepy, more shocking. After finding a potential Viet-Cong hiding out in a village, Bunny proceeds to question and later beat the poor man to death. The way he looks up after the beating, his face covered in blood and utters “Holy shit, did you see that fuckin head come apart man, I’ve never seen brains like that before man”.


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