Being a Film student, I was required to actually get off my arse and make some films (making film students actually do work is criminal) . So here is a few short films I made whilst at uni, while they may be amateur, I am still extremely proud of every one of them, and cherish the time I spent making them with my fellow film makers.

My final fiction film project. A short film about the life of a deaf girl in love with music-

My final documentary film project. A short film about the lives of three people separated by age – 

Iris was my three minute version of a project based around the life of a deaf girl

Perhaps my mose favorite film that I have made, LAG is a short documentary on the Nerf Gun society at Aberystwyth University

The Gun was a small tribute to Guy Ritchie’s Rock n Rolla.

The Coat was a nice parody of avante garde film making.

The Jog was meant to convey conflict without the use of sound or dialogue, was very fun to make too.

A film we made back in first year, and a project very close to my heart, so much fun making this, and of course I got to play a wankerish  pretentious rock star..

A film I unfortunately wasn’t hugely involved in, but am proud to have at least had a little input to this trippy short.

Short film me and some friends made today about a deaf girl

A short silent Documentary for uni me and some friends made… First project of the year – Done!

2 thoughts on “My Film Portfolio

  1. Haha yeah you’re right, the hard bit is actually getting off your arse and making something! I finished my film degree back in 2010, and have been puttiing off doing anything film related for ages but decided I’m going to put something together this year.
    Keep it up!

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