Lee Smith

22 years old

Graduated from Film and Television at Aberystwyth University with a 2:1 Degree.

The first passion in my life is film. From a young age I have been captivated by movies. My earliest memories include watching Jason and the Argonauts religiously. By the time I was 5 I was watching Shawshank Redemption and The Crow, and then of course by the time I was 10 Lord of the Ring and Star Wars had their grip on me. So here I am now 22 years old still in love with films and with full intention of one day being apart of them.

My second passion in life is music. I think that my first really affair with music started when I was around 14, Bands like Arctic Monkeys and Interpol had caught my attention and thrust me into indie music . It was around the age of 17 I had what i like to call my second renaissance, where I finally discovered bands like Joy Division, The smiths, The Cure and The Beatles (I know, I started pretty late). My love of music continues, attending festivals where I get to see my heroes and discovering new bands through friends or spotify.

Well that’s most of the important stuff, Time to get blogging


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