Whheeyyyyy the screenwriting challenge 2014 has begun, and my assignment couldn’t be more interesting.


  An anniversary

  A mortician

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the possibilities are endless

I have 8 days to fire out a 12 page script…


There are several ways I could go about this

A modern world with fantasy elements

A gritty realistic fantasy setting

Or an out and out Lotr/Game of Thrones/Dungeons and Dragons sword and sorcery

Being as I haven’t ever written a fantasy script, I’m a little more inclined to throw myself into a full fantasy setting, complete with kings, villainous wizards and… A mortician?

So this could be a little harder than expected, but its a bank holiday weekend.So a little more thought into it tonight and Begin writing tomorrow.

The only thing in my head at the moment is the morticians relationship with death, might have to work some undead creatures into this somewhere. God bless my Game of Thrones/Walking Dead addictions


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