Character Role Call and Act 1 Breakdown

Main Character Bio – William Aastry – CHECK

Secondary Character – Ellsy Finn – CHECK

Villain #1 – The Siren – CHECK

Villain #2 – Roth Foxall – CHECK

My characters have found their names! Its strange, a few weeks ago, they were all just a jumbled up few moments I would like to see in a film. Now they have names/birthdays/home towns/aspirations and agendas. After a few weeks hiatus from my script planning, it was time to get some serious ground covered. After a few hours, I now have my main characters biographies and a complete breakdown of act 1.

Its really hard being away from a project for a long time, the longer you leave doing anything to it, the harder it becomes to dive back in and get writing again. I have covered some major parts of the planning stage after a little shove from certain people and a little inspiration from this song:

Williams appearance and general mannerisms seems to have grown out of three people:












I have thrown as much of what I know into Williams life. My heroes and myself has come out as the main inspirations for Will. While I feel I know him, I still think there is a lot more to learn about his character. What would he do in certain situations? How would he feel when certain things are said? My main character is still somewhat a mystery to me, and that’s a good thing.


I have also discovered two of my most important characters. The suicidal/troubled but fascinating Ellsy (possible love interest) and the villainous and wholly despicable Roth (Ellsy’s abusive boyfriend). While none of this doesn’t really make sense out of context, I now know enough about some of the people that will populate my story. IMG_1638[1]

Talking about story, I have finally made a complete breakdown of act one: Scene 1 – 10. Basically everything from the setup to the first plot point. Interesting things have come up. In just writing my ideas onto paper, more grow out of them. strangely enough, ideas that seem vital to the story seemed to appear almost at random.

Next stop; Act 2 breakdown – Act 3 Breakdown

Once I have all my scenes on paper, I feel confident to start writing the first act of my script. Keep pushing forward, must keep pushing forward


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