Here is my script, Im not sure how I ended up taking the direction I went with. Anything to avoid your average run of the mill robbery.  A few inspirations included:

Pulp Fiction: The restaurant robbery

Trainspotting: I envisioned the robber as Begby for some reason

Taxi Driver: This should be obvious

Oh, and this is totally where I got Leonards name and final ominous grin from:

Its been a fun challenge and some good preparation for the Screenwriter challenge next month. Writing outside of my comfort zone has been demanding. Maybe I will do another one of these before the competition.

Hope you, leave any feedback in the comments section and please excuse the format, I had to transfer it over from celtex.

Leonard Thawed

Scene 1. Int. Fast food store

A young man stands completely still staring ahead with a lifeless gaze. He is dressed in a bright yellow and red fast food restaurant uniform topped off with a yellow hat adorned with a furry lion face and mane.


Its been one of those days. Your whole life goes up in flames, and you cant moved because your so marveled at the feel of warmth on your cheeks. Marveled that you can feel anything at all. But the warmth only goes on for so long.

Leonard’s stare continues outwards past the cash register, passed the two middle aged customers that point at their orders on a large menu behind him.

scene 2. int. leonard’s kitchen

Leonard sits in a messy kitchen, his eyes frozen in the same cold stare. A woman behind him is pacing around frantically, she is around her mid thirties, the same as Leonard.


I am sick of  this, living in this shithole. I am sick of you and your dead end job. I feel numb, the only emotion I can hold onto is anger, I’m angry at where we have ended up.

Leonard continues staring onwards, without blinking or any sign of emotion on his face.


And you know Robert at work, I am fucking him.

Leonard takes a spoonful of some cereal into his mouth and continues his gaze.


You still don’t give a shit do you. Is there even a shred of life left inside you. What if I told you how I fucked him, last weekend, two nights ago. At his flat, in his car, in his…


I can hear her just fine, but as one can imagine, after years of being frozen in a glacier you’re not as animated as you would like once you begin to get thawed.

scene 3. ext. outside a school

Leonard sits in his car staring onwards through an open passenger seat. A bell rings and children begin pouring out of the school gates opposite Leonard’s car. Jude is parked close to the gates and walks over frantically to her and Leonard’s daughter, who cant be older than ten. she feigns a smile as she half pulls her to the car.


She says she will be staying at Roberts. That I will never see little Maggie again.

Jude’s car drives away, as it passes his, young Maggie stares over, their eyes meeting for a split second. She wears the same lifeless stare he does.


I think we have all been living in an ice age.

scene 4. ext. Outside Robert’s house

Leonard stands half concealed by a large tree. his gaze now is fixed upon a suburban house over the street. Jude’s car is parked outside of it. through the window he spies Jude and Robert, she cries and shouts, he takes her into a calming embrace. She relaxes and reciprocates the hug.


We got together so young, our lives were only just beginning. It would sound noble of me to say that I don’t regret my time with her. That I don’t regret all those year that there was love in our household. That I don’t regret Maggie.

Leonard’s stare moves over the house to a separate window, Maggie stands perfectly still staring out back at him. Leonard stares back for a second, then turns on the ignition and drives off without expression or emotion.

scene 5. int. Fast food restaurant

Leonard remains in his frozen stare looking onward past the customer in front of him. A mid forties woman stands with three dim witted buck teethed children at her side.


Ill have a number five, a number seven, three number fifteens, a number fourteen, two diet cokes, a water with extra ice and a carton of orange juice without pulp, now that’s important, last time I got fruit pulp and Jaime nearly vomited all over my new polyester seats.


I guess we are all in our own hell. Some of them are filled with the flames of infidelity, jealousy or just good old physical abuse. Others are frozen with indifference, emotional detachment and that wonderful phrase I have heard quite a bit over the years,”Lets stay together for the kid”.

A short chubby man approaches the cash register. He wears a fanny pack and a cap that has Tenerife scrawled over a bright colored background.


(In a deadpan voice)

Hello sir, welcome to Leo The Lion fast food, may I take your order.

Chubby man

Yeah Ill take a number four, a number seven. A number…

The man is interrupted by a gunshot.


No body fuckin move, this is a robbery

A man wearing a balaclava hold a gun pointing at the ceiling. He lowers it to point at the employee in front of him. it is young terrified girl three tills down from Leonard. The Robber talks in a thick Scottish accent.


I want everyone of you bastards to open these fuckin tills and hand over eveythin you got.

Leonard’s gaze is fixed upon the mans frantic eyes. The other four staff at the cash registers begin shoveling the money from the tills onto the counter in front of them. Leonard stands still as ever, staring at the man.


That warmth I was talking about earlier. Its gone now, replaced by searing heat. My flesh is cooking, blistering and falling off in large clumps. Everything I touch melts into nothing.

The Robber pulls all the cash into a black bin liner. He makes his way down the counter until he gets to Leonard. He looks at him angrily and points the pistol directly between his eyes.


We got a problem here?


Hello sir, welcome to Leo The Lion fast food, may I take your order.


Oh you’re a funny fucker, you wont be so funny with a two inch hole in your brain.


I’m sorry sir, I don’t understand your order. Can I recommend some items from our delicious menu?


I’m giving you to the count of three until I unload this all over that cuntish face of yours.


The king of the Jungle burger is a particular favorite. You can have fries with that or our brand new spiral spicy fries.




We also have a delightful choice of drinks, including our Toby the Tiger Milkshake.

The Robber takes a step forward, his gun barely an inch from Leonard’s eye.



Leonard continues his stare into the Robbers eyes. He remains unperturbed  by the situation but seems to be sweating.


Perhaps for desert you would like to try our strawberry ice cream Sunday.



Leonard’s eyes widen, he looks frozen in horror.


I regret everything Jude

The Robber momentarily lets down his guard, he seems confused and taken aback by Leonard’s comment.



Leonard quickly sweeps the robbers gun to one side, grasps a behind his back and pulls out a small six chamber pistol that’s tucked into his waste. He points it at the robbers forehead and pulls the trigger. The robbers stands there still for a moment, Leonard still clutching the gun in the robbers hand. He suddenly slumps against the counter, leaving a trails of smeared blood across it, and finally falls to the floor.Leonard lets out a huge sigh, he takes deep gasps for air, his eyes fixed upon his own pistol.


Its been one of those days.

scene 6. int. leonard’s kitchen


I will fucking move out, don’t think I would rot away here with you any longer.

Maggie storms out of the Kitchen. Leonard takes another mouthful of his cereal. He lifts the same six chambered pistol from under the table, he places it under his chin, swallows the cereal and attempts to pull the trigger. He stops as he hears Jude screaming getting louder and closer.He moved the gun away and holds it out of view under the table. Maggie stomps back in.


I am sick of  this, living in this shithole. I am sick of you and your dead end job. I feel numb, the only emotion I can hold onto is anger.

scene 7. ext. outside a school

Leonard stares out of his car over towards Jude, she waits in her car, visibly upset. Leonard calmly points the pistol out of the car window towards Jude. The unsuspecting woman clears away the tears from her eyes ad attempts to look half decent for her daughter. Leonard lowers the gun and places it on the passenger seat. He stares over emotionless. A bell rings and children begin pouring out of the school gates opposite Leonards car.

scene 8. ext. outside Robert’s house

Leonard stares from behind a large tree, staring into Roberts home. His grip tightens on the pistol clasped in his hand. His eyes move over to meet his daughters and his grip on the gun loosens. He walks away and drives off.

scene 9. int. fast food restaurant

Leonard lowers his weapon, his eyes focus on the blood smeared upon the counter.


Your a God Damn hero sir

Leonard stares over at the man, his breathing becoming more controlled. his shocked expression slowly morphs into a wide grin


(still a little out of breath)

I feel, thawed

Leonard lets out a small chuckle.

cut to black

The End


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