The Screenplay Part 5: The end of beginning of the beginning 

Today, I have reached my first benchmark in my screenwriting process. I have taken notes and collected ideas through the past few months on Syd Fields screenwriting guide. Now, I feel ready to begin the actual planning of my own story. I have an abundance of advice to draw from and know that it is now time to draw from my own ideas.

The final push involved the reading of three chapter, all equally as important as the next.


Much has been gained through these past three parts. the main points include

  • The use and parts of a “sequence”
  • Which sequences I need to have written down before beginning my script
  • The importance of free association writing
  • The importance of a well placed plot point
  • The use of flash cards to build a sequence or a scene
  • Time spent on planning

An interesting find while I was rooting through some old notebooks was an old script plan I had written two years ago. Its crude and ultimately fails to follow any of the rules I have learnt during this process, but none the less it is useful to show how far I had come into my research.

Now The second part of my planning begins: Research, Research, Research

I have to know this story better than anyone. That means characters, situations, scenes and the entire story must be mapped out. I must create a mythology for my world. I hope to start this process by first creating character biographies for William Aastry, then perhaps Ill try to sketch out where I want my story to go.

An exciting part of the planning part of my script is about to begin. I honestly cant wait to get to know my story…


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