The Screenplay Part 2: Spit balling a story

Further reading has revealed an interesting exercise in how to create a crude map of your story and the characters that populate it. After answering some basic info about where I want this story to go, my characters and story ended up in a very strange place indeed. While I don’t think my finished script will resemble the story I have quickly sketched out, the exercise has given me some interesting results.

Perhaps the most interesting is this little gem:


A name for my main character has popped up. William Aastry was born from this small story outline, while I may not use anything else from it, it seems William Aastry will stick with me for a while. Breaking down his name, William – as in William Shakespeare (the most famous playwright of all time). Aastry – because it resembles astray (William would be lost or directionless in my story). Directionless talent would be a theme that would have to pop up somewhere in my script.

It was strange as I answered the author’s questions, questions such as what is the name of my character and what is his relationship with his parents.  Strange because I started pouring more and more of myself into this story, along with past scripts and short stories I had written. Act 1 resembled my own life; Act 2 seemed to borrow a lot from plot points from an earlier idea I had for a short story. Act 3 came completely out of nowhere, where would this screenplay end up? I certainly didn’t know.



So as this progresses, I have at least one thing – A name… Good old William Aastry, whoever he was or would become.


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