My great adventure at University has come to an end. My time living and travelling in America during the summer of 2013 has also all too swiftly passed me by. So what now? Get a job? Become a functioning member of society? Engage upon another speed bump that will hopefully slow down my fast approaching future, and the all too dreaded “transition into an adult” (ugh). While all these things are at least being attempted, I feel the need to at least try to sharpen a skill while being both productive and creative. Thus, my journey to writing my first feature length screenplay has begun.

Over the coming months (perhaps years) I will plan, write and eventually refine a film screenplay. All parts of this process will be published here on my blog and can be found on the Screenplay page.

My reasons for documenting my progression is essentially a selfish attempt at keeping me “on track” while developing my script. While no one may follow my journey, it seemed necessary to try and at least give myself half a chance at completing this story. I hope to show the beginning, middle and end of how I came to create something I can be truly proud of, an achievement I can’t really say I have ever achieved in my life. Another reason is to breathe some life into this blog. Many months have passed since anything substantial has been added to it, so there is always that aspect of this process that can be considered.

So without further a due, let’s start this long adventure, one that will, no doubt involve frustration, tragedy, insanity and ultimately (hopefully) victory.

“All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath” – F. Scott Fitzgerald


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