Day 4

Well I have to change tumblr name to word press name for this one (my tumblr is both uninteresting and unsubstantial). My name is Leeshausoftherisingsun. At the time of creating my blog, I was listening to The Animals an awful lot, hence house of the rising sun, I thought I would make my blog Lees house of the rising sun. Then I was told no spaces, but Leeshouseoftherisingsun, looked some how clunky and well shite quite frankly, but I then came over an old picture of me and two of my good friends at V festival 


I remember my friends t shirt saying Haus of Gaga. So I put two and two together to make Leeshausoftherisingsun… Voila




5 thoughts on “30 day challenge – day 4 – The meaning behind you blog name

  1. Are you REALLY a person with a main interest in ultra violence, Lee?- like, a footballing violence person? Oh., how I hope not! I think it must be a joke against yourself: anyone like that couldn’t possibly be interested in having a blogsite … Sighh … Just to old to be sure of much, these days. :-\

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