My day in great detail

My alarm woke me up at 7 30, i snoozed up to 8 30. I then got up, jumped in the shower and had a coffee waiting for after. I sat in bed for 20 minutes inspecting the news and face book. I then got dressed and headed for my hour and a half lecture. It was on using primo as research for out dissertation, it was boring. I then came home and slept for a few hours, when I woke up at 4, I quickly ate two horrible tasting chicken burgers and headed over to my friend Lou’s. we chilled for a while then went and met my friend max while he was doing a shop at Iceland. We then went back to his and chilled some more,  we later watched the majority of Youth in Revolt, but it froze 20 minutes before the end. I made max role me a cigarette and then headed home where I made a lasagna and chips and watched the first half of the lord of the ring 3. Max decided to face time me and I sorted out my dissertation supervisor. So all in all a semi productive day.


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