Pretty standard 30 day challenge, gives me something to write about while other things are going on with University. So this weeks “challenge” is to say some basic things about my self. So here it goes:

  • My name is Lee Smith
  • I am 21 years old
  • I was born in Tralee, Ireland. 
  • I moved to Wolverhampton, England when I was 8
  • I moved to my university in Aberystwyth, Wales when I was 19
  • I plan to be living in Boston, USA before I am 23
  • I wanted to be an author when I was young, I then changed to wanting to be a director before I got to uni, then changed to scriptwriter while I was at uni. Now half way through my final year I am more confused as ever. 
  • I love music
  • I have a girlfriend named Mollie
  • I have a lot of very good friends
  • My mom is called Pat, my dad, Val and two sisters named Mandy and Jackie and two brother named Sean and Danny. 
  • My heroes include Bob Dylan, Ian Curtis, Pre-twitter Ricky Gervais and a slew of various historical figures. 
  • I am getting bored of writing this
  • If you have read this far you must be bored too
  • All i can do is be myself, whoever that is

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