Its been over a month since I have written anything, let alone a blog post. It seems that being in this country has swallowed me up along with my time, but here I sit in the departures lounge, just downloaded a few albums ready for this mammoth of a journey home. So I feel now is as good a time as any to reflect upon the past 4 weeks. Has it been worth it, have my expectations been met with disappointment, have I learnt anything at all in this foreign land. Well let’s see…

This country has got so much stuff spot on, yet so much way off the mark

Simple things this country has got right really make the difference,  such as your wide selection of fast foods,  your bars are a genuine treat to drink in (or at least the ones I went to), You are often a friendly and up front race. I am also impressed with your patriotism, while often being overly devoted I still think that walking down the street to see an American flag hanging off nearly every other house is something that us Brits need to learn from, the union jack is something we should hang and be proud of, yet we fear our own colours.  However the U.S.A have little things that feel wrong, such as the cost of basic provisions such as cans of food and sauces, it is cheaper to eat at a fast food chain every night (which I presume contributes to the growing overweight populace). My biggest qualm with America however, is your awful T.V not even that your programmes are that bad, more that your advertisements are ridiculously long and placed at inappropriate times throughout the programme. God bless the BBC.

Your money is ridiculously easy to spend

I love dollars, I mean I love them, they make so much sense to me, you have twenty dollars in your wallet and you and you feel like a rich man. Dealing in notes just makes me happier to spend money for some reason. But dollars are like dealing in monopoly money, I find I throw it away easier, I spent $300 one day without breaking a sweat, so thanks America, for having a stupidly spendable currency, which makes it impossible to save for tomorrows hardships, I mean, I bought a star wars pez dispenser because it was close to the counter for Christ sake. 

An accent merits better treatment

It’s simple, if you have an accent, you are considered far more worthy to be spoken to, although I don’t think the Yanks can differentiate between English and Irish though, which can be forgiven because to me Canadian and American accents are no different (we can be ignorant together). I have had free donuts and drinks given to me just by opening my mouth, people just seem to want to talk to you when your English, and I’m glad to know that if an American was in England, I am pretty sure the favour would be re paid by us Brits.

Country music has both surprised and disgusted me

I was taken to Country Fest by my sister a few weeks ago, what I found there both baffled and thrilled me. It was a huge following of a music I thought to be long since deceased. Young and old, male and female, the excitement for the concert gave me incentive to give country another shot. So a few days later I watched the country channel, which believe me now, is 90% shit. I watched a grown hairy man sing about how his wife is in love with his truck…. But my foray into Country music did bear unexpected fruit. I found a great little band called First Aid Kit that I suggest everyone gives a listen too.

There is no place on Earth, nor the Universe like home

While I plan to come back here for good next year, maybe through sponsorship or a green card, and I know that this is the place I want to set up the rest of my life. However, now I am heading home, I find myself excited about hearing English accents again, feel that cold sting of British weather. See my loved ones and re-engage once again with English culture, for all its faults and the “grass is greener” talk, America is where my future is, but the heart will always remain at home.

So there you have it, I have learnt allot, I feel closer to our Yankee cousins, and have realised this is the place for me. So see you soon U.S.A and Hello Great Great Great Great Great Britain…. Oh how I have missed you.




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