I feel the need to follow up my first review on TDKR with this re-evaluation of sorts. I went to see the film again last night with a friend and found that several views I expressed in my first review have now changed, it would seem that the second viewing has altered my perspective of TDKR, and now that I have viewed it through un expecting eyes, I can now complete a more rounded and fully realised review of this epic conclusion to an epic trilogy. So if you haven’t read my first review you can find it here – https://leeshausoftherisingsun.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/another-dark-knight-rises-review/

Now this will be a significantly shorter article than my previous one, as I only seek to correct some of the opinions I made upon the film, mainly the negative ones. Viewing TDKR as a film, and not some grand spectacle that I was sure was going to change my life really allowed me to enjoy it far more the second time round. I also mentioned how with The Dark Knight there was a feeling that took me whenever I watched that truck flip or basically whenever The Joker was on screen, I got that same feeling again watching TDKR last night, when those cops charge Banes army and Bruce’s ascent out of the pit, I missed this bit the first time round because I went to the toilet, one minute he was in the hole next he was out (Damn you oversized cinema beverages), I found myself loving this film more and more I watched it.

I relished every single line Talia Al Ghul speaks throughout the film, with the knowledge that she is the puppet master, it give everything she says more weight and purpose, I even feel myself liking her more as a villain. Even Banes speech became less muffled this time round, I only missed 2 words throughout the entire film, so those critics out there bad mouthing Hardy’s speech,  I m not sure whether they are deaf or simply jumping on the bandwagon because I heard it just fine.

I also feel the need to express further my love for the John Blake character. Levitt really was the star of this film, while Bane and Batman both had their own flaws to deal with, some people thought Bale wasn’t in it enough while others constantly undermine Hardy as a competent antagonist. I felt John Blake was the strong backbone of the film, it was a great character strengthened by a brilliant performance.

I now unashamedly rate TDKR as on par with The Dark Knight, they may both be different films, and I would even go so far as saying they are pretty much different genres, but i have finally made my piece with the third film in this trilogy, finally excepting it as a film that has completed one of the greatest trilogy’s of all time… One thing I will say though, I feel bad for whoever has to helm the Batman Reboot, good look topping this!


6 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises re-evaluation

  1. Agreed.. TDKR was one hell of a movie and you need to watch it without juxtaposing Bane and the Joker, however tempting that might be. There simply couldn’t have been a better ending to the trilogy. What I liked most was that Chris Nolan chose to come back the Rh’as Al Ghul way, due to which the story comes back in a circle rather beautifully, with a stellar ending to boot. Oh and talking about the next Batman, Darren Aronofsky (Requiem For a Dream, Black Swan etc) is set to take over- thats what his Imdb profile says, so buckle up!

  2. I agree, it was amazing! Different from The Dark Knight but still so so good. I need to watch it again to fully appreciate all the little details. As well as things like the music, which I’m sure was awesome, but I didn’t get to really make the most of first time around.

  3. It’s interesting what happens when you watch a film a second time, as the entertainment value come not from the unexpected, but from how the story unfolds, the characters develop, and those subtle nuances we miss the first time. In the same vein,seeing Blade Runner several times before the directors cut, made me appreciate the directors cut even more, not because it changed the story as it just seemed complete.

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