Making a list for my top films and not doing so for the best of my music, would be heinous. So here are my top 5 tracks of all time, songs that will always have a place in my heart and on my iTunes.

5. white lies – fifty on our foreheads

A great song by a great contemporary band, often dark but uplifting, white lies have been compared to bands such as Joy Division and Interpol, but I feel they become their own entity due to their soaring instrumentals and inspiring lyrics, this most evident with Fifty on our foreheads from the album To lose my life. The slow and sombre build up to the grand chorus makes for a great listen and really makes your walk to work feel epic.

4. Smokey Robinson – Tracks of my Tears

Now I don’t think this song would have had the impact upon me if it weren’t for Oliver Stone’s Vietnam movie Platoon. Every time I scroll down to this on my IPod, all I see is Charlie Sheen and Willem Defoe capping Viet Cong in the forests of Nam. I am also 99% certain that the lyrics should make you feel melancholy, yet every time I hear it I can’t help but appreciate its talent for making my day slightly better. Here’s to a bit of Motown.

3. Kisses – People can do the Most Amazing Things

Kisses are perhaps one of the most underrated bands out there at the moment. Their brilliant debut album Heart of the Night Life completely floored me back in 2010, the tracks act as a love letter to 70s disco and yet their often cheerless lyrics set a mesmerising contrast, one that draws you in and keeps you from start to finish. The bands single People can do the Most Amazing Things is in my opinion the best single in at least the last ten years, let’s hope we see more of them in the coming months.

2. Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone

I could choose twenty songs by Mr Dylan that could have made this list, I could make an entire list made out of Dylan songs, but it is Like a Rolling Stone, from his album Highway 61 Revisited that deserves to be here. Not only did this song revolutionise rock and roll, it set a new standard to what a single could be.  Whether it’s the way Bob sings with his nasally voice, or the heated lyrics signifying malice in the jaded vocalist, but at the end of it all, it is simply a great song, sung by a great musician and will forever be a classic.

1.Joy Division – love will tear us apart


In many ways no other song could have ever came close to this. While there are better Joy Division songs, whether it be the rousing Disorder or soul chilling New Dawn Fades, however the 1980 single took the top spot because it was ultimately the door to this band for me, it lead me on to the Unknown Pleasures and Closer albums. Perhaps knowing the tragic story behind the fall of Ian Curtis also adds to the bitter sweetness of Love Will Tear Us Apart, or that even now, after thirty two years, it still sounds extraordinary.


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